Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New pics of Dylann

My little Dilly is one!!

Wow, I can't believe how I can let so much time pass without an entry...sorry Kelly about the teeth picture! I'm posting a couple of updated pictures now. Today is Dylann's birthday. I can't believe she's a year old already. She is getting close to walking, but not that interested in it yet. She has 5 teeth and one that's taking it's own sweet time. I'll write more later...I've got pictures to post!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Funny Baby!

Look at this crazy baby! She does the funniest things. She got her 2 top teeth this weekend...I can't wait to get some pictures of them.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Banner

I love photobucket! I feel like a pro when I edit pictures in photobucket. I really just limp along in blogging and webdesign...if it weren't for great sites like these I would look idiotic. Anyway, today I got my passport application done. It's amazing how 5 minutes worth of time with the federal government costs me $115! I decided to let them take my picture instead of bringing one from home and they charged me $15 bucks! For a 2" x 2" picture...ridiculous. But it's over now and I'm getting closer and closer to my mediterranean cruise!!

Katie is going out job hunting today. She got her cosmetology license back in November and we told her to wait until after the holidays to get a job because we didn't want her to miss out on any of the family Christmas festivities. After all it's Dylann's first Christmas. So, she got her resume all spiffed up and she's upstairs getting ready to go. I hope she finds something soon, I don't want her to get discouraged and give up. Betsy is also gonna have to get a job. Lord help us all.

The weather is supposed to take a cold turn tomorrow...well, 50's anyway. I can't wait to wear some of my cold weather gear! Robert got me 2 nice jackets for Christmas and I roasted in one on New Years Day and the other I can't even think about until it's below 60 degrees! So, I'm hoping and praying for a little chill! My poor bro & sis in law in Minnasota have about had it with the cold. They are both from the deep south and it has been miserable for them. They have lived there for about a year and a half now and I'm thinking they will eventually give it up and move back south. I know I couldn't do it. South Carolina winters were cold enough for me when I lived there for a year a few years ago. I had an electric heated mattress pad to warm my bed up every night! I guess I'm just a Florida girl through and through now...I can wear slippers and a light sweater year round here...comfortably! Well, I've written enough dribble for one day.

Monday, January 5, 2009

New Years Day

New Years Day we spent out at the farm. It was a wonderful day of family, fun and great food! The kids all brought their guns out to shoot sporting clays. My mom and dad were still here, so they came with us. My dad carries a small pistol with him when they travel and he's never gotten to shoot it, so he shot it for the first time out there! It was a beautiful, breezy day in the low 70's...perfect!

Saturday, December 27, 2008


Well, we watched a couple of the movies that just came out on video and I am very unimpressed. First of all, Mama Mia was stupid. I didn't like the story, the songs, the acting...none of it. Secondly, Burn After Reading was too weird! The casting was terrible. John Malkovich is a great actor and he did fine, but the woman who played his wife was not good casting...Brad Pitt looked like an idiot...George Clooney's character was pathetic...I just didn't care for the casting. The movie itself was ok, I guess...just weird. I haven't yet watched The Women, but I heard it wasn't good either...should I bother? Does anyone know of a good new release movie??